Leeds Accelerator

The Leeds Accelerator will work with up to 15 social entrepreneurs and innovators between October and December 2015 in partnership with Leeds City Council, The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and the Centre for Justice Innovation.

The Accelerator provides business support to accelerate the growth of social ventures through a combination of:

  • A formal taught curriculum
  • A bespoke ‘investment readiness’ service

The Accelerator focusses on 4 areas of Market, Finance, Social Value, and Implementation.

We are particularly interested in people with innovative ideas in the following areas; Health and well-being, Financial exclusion, Criminal justice, Gender.

For more information about The Leeds Accelerator please contact Stuart Thomason, Head of Venture Development.

If you are an innovator in the justice sector and wish to apply for a place via the Centre for Justice Innovation’s ‘Streetcraft Scholarship’ please get in touch or apply via this link.

We can be contacted via our website, our facebook page and our twitter account.