Case Studies

The ventures we support focus on solving tough economic problems such as poor educational achievement, youth unemployment, health and social care needs and social inequality. We have a 50-year track record in helping to develop sustainable, entrepreneurial solutions across the UK.

Some examples of the ventures we have worked with are listed below.

The Young Foundation helped us develop our business model – we increased the size of our workforce and improved the way we engaged with our customers

— Danny Baker – Cricket Centre


RCITY develop communities by integrating them through youth. They enhance community relations by getting young people to be the driving force behind breaking the trend. They currently offer a leadership programme, accredited courses and cross community projects. RCITY deliver mentoring and progre…

Featured: Workingrite

Workingrite is a work-based learning and mentoring programme targeted at teenagers aged 16-18.

Featured: Spice

Develops agency timebanking systems for communities and public services, that engage and empower the many rather than the few.


Maslaha works to empower disadvantaged communities to overcome social inequalities through education and inspiration.


Tackles youth engagement in education whilst addressing the issue of commercially unsustainable football clubs.