About us

Our History

The Young Foundation has pioneered the field of social innovation and we have been able to bring about some extraordinary improvements to society through initiatives like The Open University, UpRising and Studio Schools. We work with social ventures who deliver positive social change.

The Young Foundation valued our work, and endorsed our project. This enabled us to convince others of our social impact and provided us with a much-needed boost. They ensured the survival of an award winning organisation.

— Andreas Koumi – Exposure project 30.08.2012

Our Impact

Since the first Accelerator programme began in September 2012 we have run programmes in London and Cardiff, supporting 35 separate ventures working in a broad range of thematic areas.

The Young Foundation allowed us to develop a project which would have been very difficult without them. They supported us through their research expertise and guidance on developing a monitoring and evaluation process.

— Louise Abbotts – Theatre 503 14.08.2012