Digital campaigning – Make it about the little big thing

by Greg.Winfield

It’s a testament to the power of digital campaigning that I was talking about the No More Page 3 campaign this morning. I don’t follow them on twitter. I don’t get emails from them. However, media outlets across the board were referencing them and engaging with the broader issue of female objectification in great depth.

How does something beginning as a small, grass roots campaign like this build to get on the front pages and the discussion panels, mobilising huge numbers of people and addressing powerful media structures along the way?

As a running theme to these blogs, it’s complicated. There are many contributing factors. But (very briefly) here’s one key thing – make it about the little big thing.

Your work has a big aim to change policy or the way we live. That is going to take plenty of time and plenty of changed minds. Many really successful campaigns focus on a small step on way to the big change.

A clear, concise challenge that tackles a single, significant issue within the big picture is one that people can easily understand and get behind.

The more success achieved in the campaign, the more people start to talk more broadly, considering the wider issue and what can be done about that. Others will be inspired to develop other campaigns and solutions. These in turn build even more momentum on the journey toward lasting, structural change.

The first step in your digital campaign may seem little, but it can be the start of a journey to doing something really big.



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