by Stuart.Thomason

People often ask us, what the biggest barrier to scaling social innovation is. Well from our investigations there is a dangerous and unsettling threat facing society.

There is a serial killer amongst us

He has been identified as typically white, middle class and approaching middle-age. However, these attributes are not exclusive. Most interestingly, he does not often act alone.

Social innovators should stay on their guard and watch out for these 3 warning signs that suggest that the killer is in their midst. 

1.Ego - large egos are the first telling trait. Facts are inconsequential, as long as attention is centred upon this individual

2.Power – the weak spot. It’s an addiction. They tend to make a call early, stand by it and try not to listen to an informed opinion. They have the power and will make this abundantly clear.If an innovator offers an opinion, they are encouraged by the killer to provide it in writing so it can be carefully filed.

3.Risk – the killer delivers their final blow through a simple contradiction. Risk is integral to innovation. At some point you need to take one. The killer modus operandi is strangulation. How much? How long? How often? How soon? To whom? By whom? By when?

By the time you’ve answered these questions. it’s too late. Your innovation is dead.